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विभिन्न प्रतियोगिताओं में पूंछे गए सामान्य ज्ञान के प्रश्न एवं उनके उत्तर यहाँ से प्राप्त करें।

General Knowledge Questions and Answers for All Competitions -

1. Which of the following is NOT a petrochemical center of India?
[A] Koyali.
[B] Jamnagar.
[C] Mangalore.
[D] Rourkela.
Answer: D – Rourkela.

2. Which of the following is a correct sequence of sea ports of India from “South to North”?
[A] Cochin →Thiruvananthapuram→Calicut→Mangalore.
[B] Calicut→ Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Mangalore.
[C] Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Calicut→ Mangalore.
[D] Thiruvananthapuram→ Calicut→ Mangalore→ Cochin.
Answer: C - Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Calicut→ Mangalore.

3. Which of the following canals is considered to be an important link between the developed countries and the developing countries?
[A] Panama Canal.
[B] Suez Canal.
[C] Kiel Canal.
[D] Grand Canal.
Answer: B - Suez Canal.

4. Myanmar does not share its international boundary with__?
[A] Laos.
[B] Thailand.
[C] Vietnam.
[D] India.
Answer: C - Vietnam.

5. Which of the following countries is not a part of Melanesia region in the Pacific Ocean?
[A] Vanuatu.
[B] Solomon Islands.
[C] Fiji.
[D] Kiribati.
Answer: D – Kiribati.
6. Which of the following monasteries is known as Golden Namgey Lhotse?
[A] Hemis Monastery.
[B] Tawang Monastery.
[C] Bomdila Monastery.
[D] Namdroling Monastery.
Answer: B - Tawang Monastery.

7. Which of the following is not a feature of the Eutrophic lakes?
[A] They are generally occupied by blooms.
[B] They have high plant nutrient flux.
[C] They have low primary productivity.
[D] They are dominated by blue green algae.
Answer: C -They have low primary productivity.

8. The prime minister of India cannot participate in voting on a No-confidence motion against his / her government if he /she __:
[A] Leads a coalition government.
[B] Has minority in Rajya Sabha.
[C] Is a member of Rajya Sabha.
[D] Forbidden by speaker of Lok Sabha.
Answer: C - is a member of Rajya Sabha.

9. How many presidents of India so far were elected unopposed?
[A] One.
[B] Two.
[C] Three.
[D] Four.
Answer: B - Two.

10. Areas of which of the following current states did not come under control of Vijayanagar emperor Krishnadeva Raya?
[A] Kerala.
[B] Tamil Nadu.
[C] Odisha.
[D] Maharashtra.
Answer: D - Maharashtra.

11. Which of the following is NOT related to the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
[A] Multifiber Agreement.
[B] General Agreement on Trade and Services.
[C] Multilateral Agreement on Investment.
[D] Agreement on Agriculture.
Answer: C - Multilateral Agreement on Investment.

12. The Berne convention was pioneer convention in the field of __?
[A] Protection of wildlife.
[B] Protection of victims of wars.
[C] Protection of intellectual property rights.
[D] Protection of human rights.
Answer: C - Protection of intellectual property rights.

13. India’s efforts to provide education to millions of Africans using internet technology will come under which of the following?
[A] Track-I diplomacy.
[B] Track-II diplomacy.
[C] Track-III diplomacy.
[D] Track-IV diplomacy.
Answer: D - Track-IV diplomacy.

14. The Australia group was established to control the spread of which of the following?
[A] Ballistic Missiles.
[B] Nuclear Weapons.
[C] Chemical and Biological Weapons.
[D] Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons.
Answer: C - Chemical and Biological Weapons.

15. Bikini Day is observed in which of the following countries?
[A] Japan.
[B] United States.
[C] Canada.
[D] France.
Answer: A - Japan.

16. The shortest war recorded in history between two sovereign powers was between__?
[A] UK and France.
[B] Denmark and UK.
[C] UK and Zanzibar.
[D] Italy and France.
Answer: C - UK and Zanzibar.

17. Who defined democracy as a “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”?
[A] Abraham Lincoln.
[B] Plato.
[C] Aristotle.
[D] Ruskin.
Answer: A - Abraham Lincoln.

18. Which of the following is the official language in Argentina?
[A] Portuguese.
[B] French.
[C] Spanish.
[D] Dutch.
Answer: C - Spanish.

19. The dispute over Shatt-al-Arab region gave way to which of the following wars in modern world history?
[A] Arab–Israeli conflict.
[B] Iran-Iraq War.
[C] Russo-Persian War.
[D] Gulf War.
Answer: B - Iran-Iraq War.

20. Who was the first Indian in independent India to have won a medal in an individual Olympic event?
[A] Dhyanchand.
[B] K D Jadhav.
[C] Prithipal Singh.
[D] Harishchandra Birajdar.
Answer: B - K D Jadhav.

21. Which of the following is not a correct statement about Bitumen?
[A] It’s a mixture of highly condensed polycyclic aromatic compounds.
[B] It is soluble in Carbon Disulphide.
[C] SARA analysis is used to determine bitumen chemistry.
[D] All of above are correct statements.
Answer: D - All of above are correct statements.

22. Which of the following regions can be safely called the belt of Doldrums?
[A] Polar region.
[B] Sub-tropical region.
[C] Temperate region.
[D] Equatorial region.
Answer: D - Equatorial region.

23. Which of the following is the poorest conductor of heat in comparison to other options?
[A] Silver.
[B] Copper.
[C] Lead.
[D] Mercury.
Answer: C - Lead.

24. Which of the following statements is not correct?
[A] Rice is a commercial crop in Odisha.
[B] Coffee is an important plantation crop in Karnataka.
[C] Groundnut is a major Kharif crop in Gujarat.
[D] Meghalaya is a major pineapple producing states of India.
Answer: A - Rice is a commercial crop in Odisha.

25. Which of the following is not an equatorial crop?
[A] Coconut.
[B] Rubber.
[C] Oil Palm.
[D] Banana.
Answer: D – Banana.

26. The invention of “swarm intelligence” has been possible because of which of the following branches of science?
[A] Phenology.
[B] Phrenology.
[C] Bionomics.
[D] Bionics.
Answer: D - Bionics.

27. Which of the following is an example of Piedmont plateau?
[A] Tibetan Plateau.
[B] Bolivian Plateau.
[C] Malwa Plateau.
[D] Ladakh plateau.
Answer: C - Malwa Plateau.

28. The ancient port-site of Godavaya is located in which country?
[A] Malaysia.
[B] Indonesia.
[C] Myanmar.
[D] Sri Lanka.
Answer: D - Sri Lanka.

29. Which of the following crop types are affected generally positively by western disturbances in India?
[A] Rabi Crop.
[B] Kharif Crop.
[C] Zaid Crop.
[D] None of them.
Answer: A -Rabi Crop.

30. Which of the following organizations creates the topographical maps of India?
[A] Geological Survey of India.
[B] Survey of India.
[C] Geographical survey of India.
[D] None of Them.
Answer: B - Survey of India.

31. The concept of differential heating was primarily given to explain which of the following geographical phenomena in India?
[A] Monsoon.
[B] Jet streams.
[C] Cyclones.
[D] Desert storms.
Answer: A - Monsoon.

32. Which of the following is a correct definition of “Isohyets”?
[A] Lines on a map showing equal rainfall.
[B] Lines on a map having same mean temperature.
[C] Lines on a map having same barometric pressure.
[D] Lines on a map showing equal height from mean sea level.
Answer: A - Lines on a map showing equal rainfall.

33. Which of the following regions was called “Gedrosia” during times of Alexander, the great?
[A] Gujarat.
[B] Rajasthan.
[C] Punjab.
[D] Baluchistan.
Answer: D - Baluchistan.

34. Which of the following rulers were contemporary of Buddha?
[A] Bimbisar of Magadh.a
[B] Prasenjit (Pansedi) of Kosala.
[C] Udayan of Avanti.
[D] All of Above.
Answer: D - All of Above.

35. The Greek Ambassador Deimachus of Plataea had visited the court of which of the following rulers of Magadha?
[A] Dhanananda.
[B] Chandragupta Maury.
[C] Bindusara.
[D] Asoka.
Answer: C - Bindusara.

36. Who among the following is writer of the ‘Kalpasutra’?
[A] Simuka.
[B] Panini.
[C] Bhadrabahu.
[D] Patanjali.
Answer: C - Bhadrabahu.

37. Buddhism from India was introduced to which current region by Kasyapa Matanga?
[A] China.
[B] South East Asia.
[C] Sri Lanka.
[D] Africa.
Answer: A - China.

38. Which of the following was denoted by the term “Kahapana” or “Karshapan” during ancient India?
[A] A cloth.
[B] A trader.
[C] A monk.
[D] A coin.
Answer: D - A coin.

39. What was Arikamedu during ancient India?
[A] A coastal settlement and trade centre.
[B] A mountain.
[C] A city in Aravalli Mountains in Gujarat.
[D] A Lake.
Answer: A - A coastal settlement and trade centre.

40. Rummindei Pillar Inscription which talks about taxation in Maurya era has been found at which of the following places?
[A] Junagarh in Gujarat.
[B] Ranchi in Jharkhand.
[C] Bhabru in Rajasthan.
D] Lumbini in Nepal.
Answer: D - Lumbini in Nepal.

41. From July 1, 2017, the nationwide GST (Goods & Services Tax) has been rolled out in India, making the country a single market. What is the current size of Indian economy?
[A] USD 1 Trillion.
[B] USD 2 Trillion.
[C] USD 3 Trillion.
[D] USD 4 Trillion.
Answer: B - USD 2 Trillion.

42. The Government of India is planning to allow 200,000 tons of duty-free sugar imports. Which of the following is a correct statement about Sugar production and consumption of sugar in India?
[A] India is world’s largest sugar producer.
[B] India is world’s largest sugar consumer.
[C] India’s largest sugar producing state is Uttar Pradesh.
[D] Sugar farming in India is concentrated in Deccan peninsula only.
Answer: B - India is world’s largest sugar consumer.

43. What is the size of new Rs.500 Bank Note?
[A] 68 mmX150 mm.
[B] 68 mmX155 mm.
[C] 66 mmX150 mm.
[D] 66 mmX152 mm.
Answer: C - 66 mmX150 mm.

44. Recently, Stock market regulator SEBI has imposed trade restrictions on 331 firms which are suspected of being “shell companies”. Which of the following is NOT an activity generally carried out using shell companies?
[A] Trade and normal business.
[B] Financial manoevour for some unstated objectives.
[C] Illegal financial activities.
[D] Violation of intellectual rights and properties.
Answer: A -Trade and normal business.

45. Which of the following countries / group of countries are known as G3 economies?
[A] India, China, Africa.
[B] US, EU, Japan.
[C] India, Japan, China.
[D] US, China, Japan.
Answer: B - US, EU, Japan.

46. Government recently conducted the auction of several coal mines located at Brahmadih, Choritand Tiliaya, Jogeshwar and Khas Jogeshwar, Rabodih OCP and Rohne. In which state these mines are located?
[A] Odisha.
[B] Jharkhand.
[C] Madhra Pradesh.
[D] Bihar.
Answer: B - Jharkhand.

47. Which of the following countries is not a member of BIMSTEC?
[A] China.
[B] Bhutan.
[C] Nepal.
[D] Myanmar.
Answer: A - China.

48. Which of the following is an example of passive investment instrument?
[A] Mutual Funds.
[B] Gold ETFs.
C] Stocks.
[D] Preference shares.
Answer: B - Gold ETFs.

49. Which among the following places is not a site for India’s currency notes printing press?
[A] Nasik.
[B] Mysuru.
[C] Salboni.
[D] Jhansi.
Answer: D - Jhansi.

50. Which of the following is the essential element for batteries used in electric cars?
[A] Magnesium.
[B] Lithium.
[C] Sodium.
[D] Bromine.
Answer: B - Lithium.

Some more Questions for you...

1-Which city is known as “Electronic City of India”?

 A. Mumbai
B. Hyderabad
C. Guragon
D. Bangalore.

2-Indian School of Mines is located in:

A. Dhanbad
B. Asansol
C. Tatanagar
D. Rourkela.

3- Which of the following place is famous for its gigantic rock-cut statue of Buddha?

A. Bamiyan
B. Borobudur
C. Anuradhapuram
D. Angor Vat.

4- Siachen is a:

A. Desert frontier zone between India and Pakistan
B. Frontier zone between China and India
C.F frontier zone between India and Myanmar
D. Glacier frontier zone between India and Pakistan.

5- Golden Temple is situated in:

A. New Delhi
B. Agra
C. Amritsar
D. Mumbai.

6- Where is the headquarters of Oil and Natural Gas Commission?

A. Dehradun
B. Vadodara
C. Digboi
D. Mumbai.

7- “Vijay Stambha” is situated in:

A. Jaipur
B. Agra
C. Delhi
D. Chittor.

8- The “Char Minar” is in city of:

A. Ahmedabad
B. Hyderabad
C. Delhi
D. Sikri.

9- Where is the National Institute of Virology situated?

A. Pune
B. Delhi
C. Kolkatta
D. Madra.

10- The “satellite freight city” is being developed near which of the following cities?

A. New Delhi
B. Orissa
C. Gurgaon
D. Kolkata.

11-Where is the Railway Staff College located?

A. Pune
B. Allahabad
C. Vadodara
D. Delhi.

12-The famous Dilwara Temples are situated in:

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Rajasthan
C. Maharashtra
D. Madhya Pradesh.

13-Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is located at:

A. Delhi
B. Shimla
C. Dehradun
D. Kulu.

14-Bijapur is known for its:

A. Severe drought condition
B. Gol Gumbaz
C. Heavy rainfall
D. Statue of Gomateswara.

15-The headquarters of the National Power Training Institute is located in:

A. Pune
B. Bhopal
C. Faridabad
D. Lucknow.

16- The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University is at which of the following places?

A. Aurangabad
B. Nanded
C. Parbhani
D. Nagpur.

17- The Indian Institute of Science is located at:

A. Kerala
B. Madras
C. Bangalore
D. New Delhi.

18- “Bagh” a village in Gwalior is famous for:

A. Sculptures
B. Architecture
C. Cave Painting
D. All of the above.

19-Central Arid Zone Research Institute is located in:  
A. Bihar
B. Gujarat
C. Rajasthan
D. Madhya Pradesh.

20- National Institute of Nutrition is located in which of the following place?

A. Bangalore
B. Kerala
C. Gandhinagar
D. Hyderabad.

21- National Institute of Aeronautical Engineering is located at:

A. Dehradun
B. Lucknow
C. Bangalore

22-The world famous 'Khajuraho' sculptures are located in:

A. Gujarat
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Orissa
D. Maharashtra.

23- “Kandla” is situated on the Gulf of Kachh is well known for which of the following?    
A. Export Processing Zone
B. Centre for Marine Food products
C. Cutting and Polishing of diamonds
D. Ship breaking industry.

24- National Police Academy is located at:

A. Bangalore
B. Hyderabad
C. Abu Road
D. Dehradun.

25- National Archives is located at?

A. Calcutta
B. Dehradun
C. Bombay
D. New Delhi.

26- Which is known as “Garden City of India”?

A. Trivandram
B. Imphal
C. SimlaD. Bangalore.

27- The Central Rice Research institute is located at:

A. Rajamundry
B. Madra
C. Cuttack
D. Cochin.

28- Where is the “National Remote Sensing Agency” situated?

A. Shadnagar
B. Bangalore
C. Chennai
D. Dehradun.

29-Badrinath is situated on the bank of river:

A. Ganga
B. Yamuna
C. Alaknanda
D. Saraswathi.

30-Indian Cancer Research institute is located at:    

A. New Delhi
B. Calcutta
C. Chennai
D. Mumbai.

31-Central Drug Research Institute is located at:      

A. Trissur
C. Mysore
D. Lucknow.

32- Ajanta-Ellora caves are situated near:

A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Patna
D. Aurangabad.

33-National Science Centre is located at:     

A. Bangalore
C. Kolkata
D. Delhi.

34-Central Road Research Institute is in:      

A. Delhi
B. Bangalore
C. Roorkee
D. Hyderabad.

35-The world famous Ajanta caves are situated in:  

A. Orissa
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Kerala
D. Maharashtra.

36-Where is Chitrakut situated?        

A. Maharashtra
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Madhya Pradesh.

37-Which city is called 'White City' of Rajasthan?    

A. Bihar
B. Jaipur
C. Udaipur
D. Jodhpur.

38-National School of Mines is located in?   

A. Dhanbad
B. Kavalpur
C. Udaipur
D. Hyderabad.

39-Sun Temple is situated at?           

A. Konark
B. Bangalore
C. Haridwar
D. Kerala.

40-The “Golconda Fort” is in which state?    

A. Telangana
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Karnataka.

41-The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is situated at:

A. Patna
B. Jaipur
C. Hyderabad
D. New Delhi.

42-Under Mother Teresa's guidance, the Missionaries of Charit built near Asansol, a leper colony is called:    
A. Peace City
B. Sahara
C. Shanti Nagar

43- "Kanchipuram" is in which of the following states?         
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Orissa
C. Kerala
D. Tamil Nadu.

44-The famous Meenakshi temple is located in:       

A. Bihar
B. Madurai
C. Madras
D. Trichy.

45-“Tin Bhiga” lease by India to Bangladesh, was a part of: 

A. West Bengal
B. Assam
C. Meghalaya
D. Tripura.

46-Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located at:

A. Pune
B. Ahmedabad
C. Sriharikota
D. Thiruvananthapuram.

47- "Mandi House" is a:           

A. The office of the P.M
B. The office of Director General of Doordarshan
C. The office of NFDC
D. The Doordarshan C.P.C.

48- The National Institute of Community Development is located at:

A. Chennai
B. Pant Nagar
C. Hyderabad
D. Bangalore.

49-The famous Rock Garden is located in which city?

A. Jaipur
B. Lucknow
C. Simla
D. Chandigarh.

50-Sanchi Stupa is located near:    
A. Gaya
B. Bhopal
C. Varanasi
D. Bijapur.