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Exam Tips| Best Tips for Exam Preparation| Competitive Exam Preparation for all types of Exams


Exam Tips



Here are some important tips to remember or to be carried out by the examinee.

      1-    MENTAL PREPARATION:    The Mental preparation is necessary in competitive exams. So you first prepare yourself mentally for any competitive Examination.  

      2-    DECIDE GOAL:   After mentally preparation you must decide a goal and start preparation to achieve that decided goal or to cover the chapters/lessons. 

      3-    BE CONFIDENT:   You must leave all the fear regarding exam and keep the mind free before start the study and believe yourself. You should be confident that gives more essential power. 

      4-    EXAM PATTERN:     Firstly you must search the exam pattern. Like as the question paper is objective type or theoretical and there are negative markings or not etc. 

      5-   SYLLABUS   After knowing the exam pattern you must search the syllabus of that exam like subjects/ topics etc.  

      6-    TIME MANAGEMENT:   The Time Management is playing an important role in any Competitive Examination. Without time management you cannot study the best. So give first priority to time management and make time table management as perfect way and must be followed perfectly.
      7-    ARRANGE A LIST:     You must arrange a list of all the topics of Competitive Exams/Tests. The list can be arranged in order of important/ simple/ Average and Hard topics.
      8-    PLAN SMARTLY:     You must prepare a preparation plan for a special competitive Examination/Test. The Preparation Plan is necessary to get the success in competitive examination.
      9-   LEVEL OF QUESTIONS:    UPSC is the highest competitive examination level in compare to other exams. So UPSC examinations are required extra hard/smart work. The level of RPSC & other PSC examination is also high but less to UPSC examination. 

      10- CIVIL SERVICES:   There are three rounds of examination in civil services examinations-

      (i)  Aptitude Test (Objective Type).

(ii)  Main exam (Written Type).

(iii)  Interview (PI).

Thus for these exams the candidates must be of all-rounder in Objective type/ written type test and PI. 

      11- SSC:    The Staff Selection Commission is also hard type of exam that has either objective type or descriptive type question papers or both depends on the level of post. 

      12- TET:  The Teachers Eligibility Test is objective types, and there is also 1/4 negative marking, so attempt only those questions that you are sure. 

      13- STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS   Strength and weakness of individual is playing an important role in the Competitive exam. Weakness is harmful for you in Competitive Exams. So you always need to keep regaining of your strength and give some extra time to your weak points.  

      14- REFRESHNESS:    Before attempting any competing exam you must get relaxed yourself and refresh by taking anything like Tea, Coffee, Milk, Cold drink etc.,

      15- GOOD ATMOSPHERE:   The Atmosphere plays a very important role in any type of exam preparation, so choose the comfortable place/environment where you can feel relaxed and concentration. 

      16- STUDY AT NIGHT & EARLY MORNING:    You must try to go for study in late nights/ early morning, because this time you find the peaceful environments and nobody can disturb you, and you have fresh mind for that you should go for peaceful sleep in night.

      17- BREAKFAST:    Do not take heavy breakfast in the morning so you can feel laziness whole day. You must take light Healthy & energetic breakfast in the morning to keep you energetic for whole day.

      18- STANDARD WRITER BOOKS:    The students must use Standard writer’s Books for  Competitive exams, because local books contains many types of mistake/ misprint, but there is less chance in Standard writer’s book.  

      19-BASIC CONCEPT:    By using standard writer books will clear the basic the concepts of all methods. You can also use the basic NCERT books that are very helpful to clear basic concepts.  

      20- SHORT NOTES:   You must prepare the short notes of each subject/chapter. The short notes are very helpful in exam revision time.  

      21- REVISION:   The repeatedly revision is playing an important role in competitive examination. Revision is revising the previous study material.  

      22- PRACTICE:    Daily practice is necessary for mathematical subject/ topic. The Daily practice is helpful to clear all the basic concept of methods.  

      23- EXPERT ADVICE:   The right/correct advice provides the right direction. You must take the Expert Advice for hard /peculiar type of questions to solve any problem or confusion in any problems. The Expert may be the Teachers/ Friends/ Relatives and online support. 

      24- PREVIOUS PAPERS:    The Candidate can solve the previous year’s question papers to understand the question paper pattern & questions and improve the skills of paper solving. That is very helpful to improve the speed and accuracy. 

      25- MODEL TEST PAPER:    The candidate must make a habit to solve the model test papers to increase the capability of solving the question paper. 

      26- SPEED & ACCURACY:    Speed & accuracy is the main trick to get success in competitive exam. The speed is very helpful to attempt maximum number of questions and the accuracy is helpful get high score in exam. Online mock test can be carried out for improving the speed & accuracy. 

      27- DOUBT:   The candidates should clear all the doubts with the help of continuous study and focus more on basic concepts. Use standard writer books which are very helpful to clear all the doubts. 

      28- CURRENT AFFAIR:   You should be in touch with current affairs through various books, note books, PPT, magazines / newspapers online etc. 

      29- DIFFICULT AND UNKNOWN QUESTIONS:   If there is negative valuation in competitive exam then skip the difficult and unknown/ unanswerable questions. Otherwise attempt all the questions but in the last time of exam. 

      30- SYLLABUS:   If in examination paper there are some questions which are out of syllabus then you must attend those questions if you know the answer. In mostly cases full marks are awarded for such type of questions. 

      31- SHORT BREAK:   You must take a short break in regular study walking in your home ceiling/garden or you can watch TV etc.  

      32- ACTIVITY BEFORE EXAM:   In the last time of exam preparation you should not study the new topics. You must go for short notes before exam time.  

      33- CLOSING OF STUDY:   You must close your all books one hour before the exams, don’t read anything and feel relaxed and stress free.  

      34- DURING EXAM TIME:   Recheck for all the things that require in exams i.e. pen, pencil, rubber and other gadgets if allowed etc.  

      35- EXPERT THEORY a-  First solve the easiest theoretical question then logical questions and at last solve the Mathematical questions. 

b- During Competitive Exam time the answer sheet should be kept neat & clean which makes good effect on examiner. 

c-  At the end of examination check out all details/data in answer sheet for filling information is right or wrong. In case of wrong information the answer sheet will be rejected by the teachers/computer. 

d-  After completion of exam checkout the mistakes that are happened by you in exam and don’t repeat in next exam.

e-  Try to count number of answers you have attempted for reference revision in the question paper.