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GK Questions with Answers
GK Questions with Answers

General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science Question Pdf for Banking, SSC, RRB, FCI, Railway, UPSC, State PCS, Insurance & other Competitive exams. General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science shortcut Tricks Pdf, General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science MCQ, General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science Objective Question & Answer Pdf. “General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science Questions PDF” In this post we are providing you the General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science pdf with detailed solution & Short Tricks. So that you can easily get the logic of questions to clear exam. This General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science Pdf we are providing is free to download.  Here is Most Important General Knowledge | General Awareness | General Science Question PDF with Answers for you free.

General Knowledge question answer to Improve your General Knowledge with daily GK quiz, GK questions and answers, GK for UPSC, IAS, PCS, GATE, SSC, Banking, Railway, Defence, LIC/AO, Post Office, PSUs, Police and all state exams etc.

Important Competitive Exams 500 questions and answers set-7

1.        Which is used extensively for genetic engineering in plant?
2.        The Centre-State financial distribution takes place on the recommendation by which ministry?
3.        At the time of short-circuit, what will be the current in the circuit?
4.        Which country is the biggest producer of mango?
5.        What was the capital of Kakatiya dynasty?
6.        ‘The General happiness is the end of the state’; who said this?
7.        When is International Literacy Day, recognized by the UN observed?
8.        For which is the northern blot technique used for the detection?
9.        Which lake lies in the ‘Dead heart of Australia’?
10.      During the freedom struggle, who established ‘The Deccan Educational Society’ ?
11.      Who is the first Law Officer of the Government of India?
12.      Radioactive disintegration of uranium ultimately results in which formation?
13.      Which is the largest (in terms of turnover) Public Sector organisation in India?
14.      What are the plants of tropical and sub-tropical regions called?
15.      With whom was the last opportunity to avoid the partition of India lost?
16.      When is World Humanitarian Action Day is observed?
17.      What is the least influential in determining the distribution of terrestrial biomes?
18.      What was the most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution?
19.      Which country ranks first in producing teak?
20.      By whom was the agitation against the partition of Bengal led?
1.        Agrobacterium tumefaciens 2. Finance Minister 3. Increases heavily 4. India 5. Warangal 6. Bentham 7. Septem- ber 8 8. RNA 9. Eyre 10. M. G. Ranade 11. Attorney General 12. Lead 13. Indian Oil Corporation 14. Vegatherms 15. Cabinet Mission 16. October 8 17. Salinity 18. Government of India Act, 1935 19. Thailand 20. Surendranath Banerjee
Page - 76

1.        ‘Hydraulic brakes’ and ‘Hydraulic lift’ are devices, why are fluids used in them?
2.        Which person won seven gold medals in swimming for the U.S. in the 1972 Olympic?
3.        Which Agriculture export item is second in case of India?
4.        Which lake in India has the highest water salinity?
5.        Who organized Ashwamedha Yajna?
6.        Which sector is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in India ?
7.        Why was the design of the National Flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India?
8.        Which isotope of uranium capable of sustaining chain reactions?
9.        Which region has internal drainage?
10.      Which sources of Islam is associated with the teachings of Prophet Mohammad?
11.      Who has become the first Indian to score a triple century in Tests?
12.      In which sports Rajjyavardhan Rathore won a Silver medal in the Beijing Olympics?
13.      Why does Flower colour?
14.      Kurnool-Cuddapah canal is taken off from which river?
15.      Who was the Mughal Emperor to have lifted the Jaziya on Hindus?
16.      Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?
17.      Which is natural source of gamma-rays?
18.      Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India?
19.      Kudremukh hills known for iron ore deposits are situated in which place?
20.      Who was defeated at Kanauj in the hands of Sher Shah in 1540?
1.        For transmitting pressure 2. Mark Spitz 3. Rice 4. Sambhar 5. Samudragupta 6. Electric power generation 7. July, 1947 8. U-235 9. Rajasthan 10. Quran 11. Virender Sehwag 12. Shooting 13. Due to anthocyanins 14. Tungabhadra 15. Akbar 16. Either House of Parliament 17. Radon gas 18. Shri V. T. Krishnamachari 19. Chickmaglur 20. Humayun
Page - 77

1.        Who was the first Test centurion in Indian Cricket?
2.        Which is the sweetest sugar?
3.        Who has the power to form a new State within the Union of India?
4.        The latitude of a place expresses its angular position relative to the place?
5.        Who started the Public Works Department in India in 1848?
6.        Which is the substance which can act both as an acid and a base?
7.        The Indian research station Himadri is located at which place?
8.        In India, in which banking is the Public Sector, is most dominant?
9.        Of the total volume of the earth, which layer forms the major part?
10.      Where was first Madarasa set up by the British in India?
11.      What is the largest gland in the human body?
12.      Which writ is issued by the court in’ case of illegal detention of a person?
13.      If a pendulum is allowed to oscillate into jar containing water, what will its time period?
14.      Why is the Wind in the, Southern hemisphere is deflected towards left?
15.      Which archaeologist initially discovered the Mohenjodaro site of the Indus Valley Civilization?
16.      What is the first large research reactor of India that uses U-233 as fuel?
17.      Who discovered South Pole?
18.      What is the most important function of perspiration?
19.      Where is the Smog is likely to occur?
20.      What was the main characteristic of the Indus Valley Civilization?
1.        Lala Amarnath 2. Fructose 3. President 4. Equator 5. Lord Dalhousie 6. Amphoteric 7. Antarctica 8. Commercial banking 9. Core 10. Calcutta 11. Liver 12. Habeas Corpus 13. Increase 14. Due to rotation of the earth 15. Rakhal Das Banerji 16. KAMINI17. Amundsen 18. To regulate body temperature 19. Near the industrial areas 20. Town plan- ning
Page - 78

1.        Which writ is a bulwark of personal freedom?
2.        Which was the gas which had leaked out of Union Carbide factory in Bhopal?
3.        Which is the oldest Development Financial Institution of India?
4.        Long treeless grassy palms are characteristics of which grass?
5.        Which craftsmanship was not practiced by the Aryans?
6.        23rd January is celebrated as the birthday of which person?
7.        In human body which is the largest in size?
8.        The Centre-State financial distribution takes place on the recommendation by which ministry?
9.        How climate does the Veld grassland of South Africa experience?
10.      What is the number of puranas?
11.      At a grid sub stations the voltage is stepped up to reduce loss of which thing?
12.      Which are connected by over 1700 km-long BTC oil pipe-line ?
13.      When was EXIM Bank set-up?
14.      Which country has the highest agricultural production in Europe?
15.      Who is considered as the first national ruler of India?
16.      From the evolutionary point of View, which is the most primitive animal?
17.      Who is the first Law Officer of the Government of India?
18.      Which property of the elements is a whole number?
19.      Which country leads in the production of rubber?
20.      Which ruler was known as Amitraghata, the 'destroyer of foes' ?
1.        Habeas Corpus 2. Methyl isocynate 3. IFCI 4. Pampas 5. Blacksmith 6. Subhash Chandra Bose 7. Liver 8. Finance Minister 9. The Steppe climate 10. 18 11. Power 12. Caspian sea and Mediterranean sea 13. 1982 14. France 15. Chandragupta Maurya 16. Turtle 17. Attorney General 18. Atomic number 19. Indonesia 20. Bindusara
Page - 79

1.        Which country is reliant on a single export of oil/petroleum?
2.        Which is the unit raised to protect the naval assets?
3.        leaves used as wrappers for bides, from which are obtained?
4.        Which are the Continents that form a mirror image of each other?
5.        Who anticipated Newton by declaring that all things gravitate to the earth?
6.        Which act made the Indian Legislature bicameral?
7.        Instrument used to store the electric charge is known by which name?
8.        During which five year plan were the steel plants at Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela established?
9.        In which country is ‘Takla Makan’ desert situated?
10.      By whom was the largest grant of villages to temples and brahmanas given?
11.      Where is Indian Army’s counter-insurgency school situated?
12.      Which an important product is obtained from styles and stigma?
13.      In whom did the Government of India Act, 1935 veste the residuary power?
14.      About 50% of the world population is concentrated between the latitudes of which degrees?
15.      Who were the first and the last woman ruler of Delhi?
16.      What are the atoms of the elements which have same number of neutrons called?
17.      Who is a famous Sarod player?
18.      During which Five Year Plan was the total expenditure on agriculture the highest?
19.      What is the capital of East Timor?
20.      Which General of Ala-ud-din Khilji, was known as the Rustam of the age and the hero of the time?
1.        Nigeria 2. Sagar Prahari Bal 3. Tendu 4. Africa and South America 5. Brahmagupta 6. Government of India Act, 1919 7. Capacitor 8. Second Five Year Plan 9. China 10. The Guptas 11. Vairengte12. Saffron 13. Governor-General 14. 20°N and 40°N 15. Razia Sultan 16. Isotones 17. Amjad Ali Khan 18. Fourth Five Year Plan 19. Dili 20. Malik Kafur
Page - 80

1.        Which tissue is responsible for the secondary growth?
2.        By whom the salary and perquisites of the Prime Minister of India are decided?
3.        What happens to the level of mercury in the barometer tube when it is taken down a coal mine?
4.        Mac Mohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?
5.        When Babur invaded India who was the ruler of Vijayanagara Empire in South India?
6.        For which word, the letter ‘G’ has been used in ‘2G Spectrum’?
7.        Indian Institute of Forest management is located at which place?
8.        Whose living cell provides tensility and mechanical strength?
9.        The northern part of the west coast is known by which name?
10.      Who was a contemporary of Chingiz Khan?
11.      What about ministry in the event of the resignation or death of the Prime Minister?
12.      What is the most abundant on the earth crust?
13.      Which provides the largest part of the demand for loanable funds in India?
14.      Which river flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat ?
15.      The number of wives of which Mughal ruler ‘fell short even of the Quranic allowance of four’?
16.      Who is the author of the book “Termites in the Trading system”?
17.      Which part of brain is centre of thirst hunger and sleep?
18.      A Judge of a High Court wanting to resign addresses his letter of resignation to whom?
19.      Which river basin is called ‘Ruhr of India’?
20.      During which ruler were Upanishads translated into Persian?
1.        Cambium 2. Parliament 3. It rises 4. India and China 5. Krishna Deva Raya 6. Generation 7. Dehradun 8. Collen- chyma 9. Konkan coast 10. Iltutmish 11. The Ministry is dissolved 12. Al 13. Corporate businesses 14. Tapti 15. Aurangzeb 16. Jagdish Bhagwati 17. Hypothalmus 18. The President 19. Damodar 20. Shah Jahan
Page - 81

1.        What does every object at a temperature above absolute zero?
2.        Which year is celebrated as International Year of Forests?
3.        Who are Debenture holders of a company?
4.        Which is the longest river in India?
5.        Which was the first fort which the British constructed in India?
6.        Which blood group is universal donor?
7.        From which fund is the pension of a High Court Judge charged?
8.        Which metal is extracted by electrolytic reaction method?
9.        Which region in India receives substantial rain during the winter month of January ?
10.      In where were Bengal the headquarters of East India Company located?
11.      Journalist’s day was celebrated for the first time all over the country on which date?
12.      The United Nations declared 2014 as which International Year?
13.      What is the number of chromosome in a normal human body cell?
14.      Which city has the longest day in the month of June?
15.      Who set up the Atmiya Sabha in Kolkata in the first half of the nineteenth century?
16.      How is the National Development Council?
17.      The value of which quantity remains same in all system of units?
18.      In which industry is the maximum number of women employed in India?
19.      The ‘Grand Trunk Road ‘connects which cities?
20.      What was the original name of Swami Dayananda Saraswati?
1.        Radiates energy 2. 2001-2010 3. Its creditors 4. Ganga 5. St. George Fort 6. O 7. Consolidated Fund of India 8. Al 9. Punjab 10. Fort William 11. Oct 1, 1984 12. Crystallography 13. 46 14. Kolkata 15. Ram Mohan Roy 16. Non- political body 17. Specific gravity 18. Tea 19. Kolkata and Amritsar 20. Mula Shankar
Page - 82

1.        The first Indian to cross seven important seas by swimming?
2.        By whom was artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory?
3.        In which schedule is the list of items which may be entrusted to the Panchayats given?
4.        Which national Highway route is the longest?
5.        Who had started ‘Mitra Mela’Association?
6.        Which is the basis of modern periodic table?
7.        When are the 20th Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in Glasgow?
8.        The performance of which industry is considered performance of the core industry?
9.        Which city is at the highest altitude above mean sea level ?
10.      Which was a revolutionary who later turned into a yogi and a philosopher?
11.      In which forest the maximum plant diversity is found?
12.      Which Act formally introduced the principles of elections for the first time?
13.      A floating body always displaces liquid equal to its which thing?
14.      Which plate movement is responsible for the formation of mid-ocean ridge?
15.      With how many volunteers did Gandhiji start on his famous Dandi march on March 12, 1930 ?
16.      Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?
17.      Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of which state?
18.      How many species are under threat in mainland France?
19.      Where is Dead sea situated?
20.      Who opposed Mahatma Gandhi’s association with the Khilafat movement?
1.        Bula Chaudhary 2. Khurana 3. Eleventh Schedule 4. Kolkata-Hajira 5. Vinayak Damodar Savarkar 6. Atomic number 7. July, 2014 8. Oil and Petroleum 9. Bangalore 10. Aurobindo Ghosh 11. Tropical evergreen forests 12. Indian Councils Act, 1909 13. Weight 14. Divergent movement 15. 78 16. Bachhendri Pal 17. Madhya Pradesh 18. A thousand 19. ARift Valley 20. Mohammed Alix Jinnah
Page - 83

1.        Which Act gave representation to Indians for the first time in the Legislature?
2.        By which can the location and energy of an electron in an atom be specified?
3.        What was the decentralization system recommended?
4.        Which is softwood from coniferous forest?
5.        Where has the world’s largest monolithic statue of Buddha been installed?
6.        Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?
7.        Which statement is true with respect to Leukemia?
8.        By whom the rank of the different Ministers in the Union Council of Ministers is determined?
9.        Hardwood tree like mahogany and ebony are found in which forests?
10.      Who taught the doctrine of Shunyata (Shunyavad)?
11.      When viewed in white light, why do soap bubbles show colours?
12.      The famous sportsman Michael Jordan is associated with which game?
13.      During which prime minister was the strategy of rolling plan was adopted?
14.      If you want to visit Sambhar Lake, to which state you will go?
15.      Who appointed Ibn Batuta as the Chief Qazi of Delhi?
16.      What is the best method for improving the nutrient composition of a diet’?
17.      By whom was collective responsibility of the Cabinet introduced in India?
18.      Which is also called Stranger Gas?
19.      Which crop is grain with the onset of monsoon & are harvested in September-October?
20.      Which philosophical system was founded by Vallabhacharya?
1.        Government of India Act, 1935 2. Quantum numbers 3. Balwant Rai Mehta 4. Pine 5. Bamiyan 6. Mother Teresa 7. Number of WBCs increases in blood 8. Prime Minister 9. Equatorial forest 10. Nagarjuna 11. Because of interfer- ence 12. Basket ball 13. Morarji Desai 14. Rajasthan 15. Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq 16. By combining various foods 17. Constitution of India 18. Xenon 19. Kharif 20. Suddhadvaita
Page - 84

1.        Who became the youngest Grand Master of India?
2.        Which was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest?
3.        Which is the scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time?
4.        Among sources of power, India has largest reserves of which thing?
5.        Which Europeans were the last to come to pre-independence India as traders?
6.        Ministers in a State get salaries, by whom are it as determined?
7.        Which is used to remove astigmatism for a human eye?
8.        Through which methods is the national income of India estimated mainly?
9.        Which is the most important coal field of India?
10.      When did the British Government start ruling India directly?
11.      Who is the world’s first woman cosmonaut?
12.      Iris has no pigment in which people?
13.      Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India?
14.      ‘Parsec’ is the unit of measurement of which distance?
15.      Which Indus city was known for water management?
16.      Mixture of which pair of gases is the cause of occurrence of most of the explosions in mines?
17.      Where is Davos, the venue of the annual meeting of World Economic Forum, located?
18.      During whose viceroyalty was the system of Budget introduced in India?
19.      The light coming from stars gives the idea of their which quality?
20.      The vedic deity Indra was the god of which thing?
1.        Parimarjan Negi 2. Bachendri Pal 3. William Harvey 4. Coal 5. French 6. State Legislature 7. Cylindrical lens 8. Production and income methods 9. Raniganj 10. After Sepoy Mutiny11. Valentina Tereshkova 12. Blue-eyed people 13. Jyoti Basu 14. Astronomical distance 15. Mohenjo-daro 16. Methane and air 17. Switzerland 18. Canning 19. Temperature 20. Rain and thunder
Page - 85

1.        The anti-malarial drug Quinine is made from a plant. Which is that plant?
2.        Who is entitled to initiate a Bill for Constitutional Amendments?
3.        What is a strong argument for the particle nature of cathode rays?
4.        A radio broadcast from Delhi on Monday at 7.30 p.m. it is heard at New York on which day?
5.        Which was the last Buddhist text produced in India?
6.        The basis of European Union began with the signing of which treaty?
7.        Rainwater collected after 30 to 40 minutes of raining is not suitable for drinking why?
8.        What is the poison of honey bee?
9.        When it is 12 noon at-Greenwich, what is the time at New York (74°W) ?
10.      Buddha died in which Mahajanpada ?
11.      In which was Indian Constitution amended for the first time?
12.      Which inorganic precipitate acts as semipermeable membrane?
13.      Which Committee’s recommendations are being followed for estimating Poverty Line in India?
14.      Northern part of Australia is typified by which climate?
15.      During the Sangam Age, Uraiyur was the capital of which rular?
16.      Which industry produces the most non-biodegradable wastes?
17.      In which biological process sugar is oxidized to release energy?
18.      By whom was the Constitution of India adopted?
19.      Rain shadow effect is associated with which rainfall?
20.      Which was the most important kingdom after the Maury in the-Deccan and Central India?
1.        Cinchona 2. Either House of Parliament 3. They are cast shadow 4. The same day at 7.30 a.m. 5. Vamsathapakasini 6. Maastricht Treaty 7. Because it is acidic 8. Acidic 9. 7.04 a.m. 10. Mall 11. 1951 12. Copper ferrocyonide 13. Lakdawala Committee 14. Monsoon climate 15. Cholas 16. Thermal power plants 17. Respiration 18. Constituent Assembly 19. Orographic rainfall 20. Satavahanas
Page - 86

1.        What is the number of electrons in an atom of atomic number Z and mass number A?
2.        With which of the following fields is M. F. Hussain associated?
3.        Which is the ‘Slack Season’ in the Indian Economy?
4.        In which country is Marino sheep rearing the predominant pastoral activity?
5.        Which was the lowest unit of Chola administration?
6.        Minute pore found on the soft aerial part of plant especially the leaves are called?
7.        When was the Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met?
8.        To prepare a standard solution of a substance, what is generally used ?
9.        Which is the leading producer of rice?
10.      By whom was the large Shiva Temple at Thanjavur built?
11.      Late Ustad Nisar Hussain Khan earned distinction in which fields?
12.      Where is the headquarters of African Development Bank?
13.      Which is used as a gift in Japan?
14.      Which type of lake is formed by volcanic activities?
15.      In the Delhi Sultanate, which administrative unit called 'paragana' was headed by an official?
16.      Who was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India?
17.      How does Transfer of heat energy from the sun to the moon take place?
18.      Stock Exchanges play a role in an economy how may it be termed?
19.      What are Shield volcanoes?
20.      Mughal dynasty was to Bahadur Shah Zafar-as what was Lodi dynasty to?
1.        Z 2. Painting 3. Jan.-June 4. Australia 5. Valanadu 6. Stomata 7. 9th December, 1946 8. Measuring flask 9. China 10. Rajaraja Chola I 11. Vocal music 12. Abidjan 13. Euplectella 14. Caldera lake 15. Amil 16. Dr. B. N. Rao 17. By radiation only 18. Useful but need strict regulation 19. Repeated lava flows 20. Ibrahim Lodi
Page - 87

1.        Which is the official language of Bank of Central African States?
2.        Pheretima posthuma is scientific name of which animal?
3.        The resolution for removing the Vice-President of India can be moved in which sabha?
4.        Which is the largest lake in Africa?
5.        ‘Let no man ask a man’s sect or caste’. Whose dictum was this?
6.        Which is an active component of oil of clove?
7.        Who authored the ‘Gitanjali’, an anthology of poems?
8.        In which year were Private Sector Mutual Funds in India permitted?
9.        Which is the deepest lake?
10.      Whose philosophy is called the Advaita?
11.      The statements “Protoplasm is the physical basis of life” is given by which person?
12.      By whom are the portfolios allocated to the ministers?
13.      When does Super conductivity result?
14.      In which region is the main area of production of icebergs found?
15.      Which Mughal emperor’s tomb is outside India?
16.      Who wrote the line: ‘Athing of beauty is a joy forever’?
17.      Which day is celebrated as United Nations day every year?
18.      Which structure is present in mitochondria?
19.      Where is ‘Ninety East Ridge’ situated?
20.      Mughal architecture reveals a blending of which styles?
1.        French 2. Earth worm 3. Rajya Sabha alone 4. Lake Victoria 5. Ramananda 6. Eugenol 7. Rabindranath Tagore 8. 1993 9. Lake Baikal 10. Shankaracharya 11. Purkinje 12. The Prime Minister 13. When matter is cooled to very low temperature 14. The West Coast of Greenland 15. Jahangir 16. John Keats 17. 24th October 18. Oxysomes 19. Indian Ocean 20. Indian and Persian styles

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Page - 88

1.        What is the age of retirement of the Judges of the High Court?
2.        In methane molecule how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged?
3.        Which industry earns the second highest net foreign exchange from the trade?
4.        In which valley is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?
5.        When the East India Company came into existence, by who was England was ruled?
6.        When is World Mental Health Day, recognized by the UN is observed?
7.        By which is the Atmosphere of big metropolitan cities is polluted most?
8.        By whom the oath to a High Court Judge is administered?
9.        Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?
10.      Who was the Mughal emperor at the time of Ahmed Shah Abdali’s invasion of India?
11.      When the temperature increases, what does the angle of contact of a liquid?
12.      Who was the first Indian woman who owns the gold medal in Asian Games?
13.      From which export does India earns maximum foreign exchange?
14.      Which Place experiences minimum and maximum temperature?
15.      Who is associated with the Local Self- Government Act?
16.      Edward Jenner is related with which disease?
17.      What is the source of maximum income to Panchayati Raj?
18.      Which variety of glass is heat resistant?
19.      How is the climate of India is?
20.      Under which act was the Supreme Court in British India established?
1.        62 years 2. As tetrahedral 3. Engineering goods industry 4. Sutlej valley 5. Tudors 6. October 10 7. Automobile exhausts 8. Governor 9. Tamil Nadu 10. Shah Alam II 11. Decreases 12. Kamaljit Sandhu 13. Gems and jewellery 14. 28.3°C and 15°C respectively is Leh 15. Ripon 16. Small pox 17. Government grants 18. Pyrex glass 19. Subtropical monsoon 20. Regulating Act of 1773
Page - 89

1.        Which Cricketer has scored the highest total runs in test cricket?
2.        Who won a Nobel Prize for literature when he was the head of the government?
3.        Which vitamin is essential for poor bone and teeth formation?
4.        Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan) is associated with which thing?
5.        Jallianwala Bagh massacre occurred on which date?
6.        Which is at the apex of the-three tier system of Panchayati Raj ?
7.        Why does the velocity of rain drop attain constant value?
8.        The Govt. of India does not provide any direct financial assistance to which scheme?
9.        Which is the oldest atomic power station?
10.      During the Indian Freedom Struggle, who raised an army called Free Indian Legion?
11.      Dr. Hargobind Khorana received the Nobel prize for which subject?
12.      Healing of wounds is hastened by which vitamin?
13.      The amendment procedure laid down in the Constitution of India is on which pattern?
14.      Which is a warm ocean current?
15.      Which was the Princely State which acceded to the Indian Union after a plebiscite?
16.      Bagasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of which thing?
17.      The ‘Rediscovery of India’ is written by which author?
18.      As per latest data in urban areas women employment is highest in which industry areas?
19.      Kuroshio is a warm ocean current which runs from which country?
20.      Which was in power in the U. K. when India got independence?
1.        Sachin Tendulkar 2. Sir Winston Churchill 3. Vitamin D 4. Hydroelectricity 5. April 13, 1919 6. Zila Parishad 7. Viscous force exerted by air 8. Jeevan Sathi Yojana 9. Tarapur 10. Subhas Chandra Bose 11. Medicine 12. C 13. Constitution of South Africa 14. East Australian current 15. Junagadh 16. Paper 17. Meghnad Desai 18. Retail Trade 19. Philippines to Japan 20. Labour Party
Page - 90

1.        Where is red blood corpuscles formed?
2.        Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held?
3.        If there were no atmosphere, what will be the length of the day on the earth?
4.        In which region does rainfall occur throughout the year?
5.        The first major inscription in classical Sanskrit is that of which king?
6.        Who is the ‘author of the book ‘A Brief History of Time’?
7.        Who produced the first film in India ‘Raja Harishchandra’ in 1913 ?
8.        How much blood does an average adult have in the body?
9.        In mid-latitudes, convective precipitation is associated with which front?
10.      Which is considered an encyclopedia of Indian Medicine?
11.      If a Minister of a State wants to resign, to whom he should address the letter of resignation?
12.      What are Rubies and Sapphires chemically known as?
13.      From which sector does the highest sector wise contribution to gross domestic saving comes?
14.      In certain parts of Khasi and Jaintia hills, annual rainfall is about how many c.m.?
15.      Which part was called Babul Makka (Gate of Makka) during the Mughal Period?
16.      Which of these is a ‘Morning Raga’ ?
17.      From the evolutionary point of view, which is closer to man?
18.      By which is in in practice the policy of the Government shaped?
19.      Which place receives fain fall less than 20 cms?
20.      Who among the following has issued the coin rupee for the first time?
1.        In bone marrow 2. New Delhi 3. Decrease 4. Equatorial region 5. Rudradaman 6. Stephen Hawking 7. Dada Saheb Phalke 8. 5-6 litres 9. Cold fronts 10. Charaka Samhita 11. Chief Minister 12. Aluminium oxide 13. Household sector 14. 1000 cm 15. Surat16. Darbari 17. Dolphin 18. The Cabinet 19. Jammu and Kashmir 20. Shershah Suri
Page - 91

1.        The focal length of a convex lens is 50 cm. what is its power?
2.        Among the Indian languages, which one is spoken maximum in the world after Hindi?
3.        Which formulates fiscal policy?
4.        The Karakoram Highway connects which pair of countries?
5.        Who was the Governor General to merge Sindh in British India?
6.        Which part of the pitcher plant becomes modified’ into a pitcher?
7.        Who is a legal advisor of the State Government as provided by the Constitution?
8.        Which pair of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively?
9.        On which river is located Indo- Pak Bagalihar Project?
10.      In what commodity the English first conducted trade from India ?
11.      Which country is the leading producer of uranium?
12.      The Pacific Islands from New Guinea south east-wards to the Fiji Islands’ what is this group called?
13.      Which part of the pitcher plant becomes modified into a pitcher?
14.      To a space traveler on moon, how does the lunar sky during day time appear?
15.      In which Veda is the famous Vedic saying “War begins in the minds of men" stated?
16.      Who appoints the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?
17.      Energy transferred to a person through gamma rays is measured in by which unit?
18.      In which plan was the growth rate of agricultural production negative?
19.      What is distance between the Earth and the Sun (in million kms.)?
20.      Upanishads, also known as the Vedantas, are How many are these Upanishads?
1. +2 D 2. Bengali 3. Finance Ministry 4. China-Pakistan5. Lord Ellenborough 6. Leaf 7. Advocate General 8. Lithium and osmium 9. Chenab 10. Indigo 11. Canada 12. The Mellanesia 13. Leaf 14. Black 15. Atharvaveda 16. President 17. Roentgens 18. Third Plan 19. 149 20. 108
Page - 92

1.        Among South Asian countries, which one has the highest level of urbanization?
2.        Which is an insectivorous plant?
3.        Citizenship provisions are enshrined in the Constitution in which article?
4.        At which of the following places watches will show 5.30 A.M. when it is 12.00 midnight G.M.T.?
5.        Tradition has it that By whom was Ajatasatru instigated to murder his father?
6.        Which element has the lowest electron affinity?
7.        Sushil Kumar is known for his outstanding performance in which field?
8.        In which of the Five Year Plans, preference was given to the weaker sections of the society?
9.        The time of Cairo is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Time. Cairo is situated at which degree?
10.      Shishunaga dynasty is credited to have destroyed which Mahajanpada ?
11.      What is treatment of body defects through massage and exercise?
12.      Under which Article of the Constitution are the Cultural and Educational Rights granted?
13.      Which field is used to produce deflection in a television picture tube?
14.      Shallow-rooted trees are associated with which climate?
15.      What do the Ajanta paintings depict?
16.      Dr. M.S. Subbulakshmi has distinguished herself in which field?
17.      How many member states are in ‘Common Market ‘for Eastern and Southern Africa?
18.      What is making interesting discoveries unexpectedly or by accident?
19.      Which area is dominant in hunting and gathering?
20.      Which Gupta ruler defeated the Huna ruler, Mihirakula ?
1.        Bangladesh 2. Pitcher plant 3. Part II, Articles 5-11 4. New Delhi 5. Devadatta 6. Argon 7. Wrestling 8. Fifth 9. 30° East 10. Avanti 11. Physiotherapy 12. Article 29 and 30 13. Amagnetic fields 14. Equatorial climate 15. Scenes from the Jatakas 16. Vocal Music 17. 20 18. Serendipity 19. Tropical forest 20. Yasodharman
Page - 93

1.        For whose removal Parliament’s resolution is not needed?
2.        By whom was the calculation of electro negativities first done?
3.        By which bill does the government make arrangement for the collection of revenues for a year?
4.        Which country is the world’s largest producer of coal?
5.        What was the first major inscription in classical?
6.        Indian Development Forum (IDF) was earlier known as which name?
7.        What does Glomerulus and Bowman’s capsule constitute?
8.        To which Bill the President must accord his sanction without sending it back for fresh consideration?
9.        Which country ranks top in the mining of gold?
10.      In the context of the reign of Guptas and their successors, what is Vishti'?
11.      What does the emission of ß-particle?
12.      When was the first ‘International Non-Smoking Day’ observed all over the world?
13.      Which is the ‘basis for determining the national income?
14.      In which the formation of magma along the bedding plane results?
15.      Which was the first dynasty of the Vijayanagar kingdom?
16.      Which cells have least regeneration capacity?
17.      The ordinances issued by the Governor are subject to approval by which office?
18.      A fruity smell is obtained by the reaction of ethanol with which compound?
19.      How are the igneous rocks are formed?
20.      The Kingdom of Vijayanagar came into existence during which reign?
1.        Judge of Supreme Court 2. Pauling 3. Finance Bill 4. China 5. Sanskrit of Rudradaman 6. Aid India Consortium 7. Malpighian tubule 8. Finance Bills 9. South Africa 10. Forced labour 11. Increases the atomic number by one 12. 04.07.1988 13. Production of goods and services 14. Sill 15. Sangama 16. Cell of brain 17. State Legislature 18. CH3COOH19. Granitisation 20. Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
Page - 94

1.        Which day is celebrated as United Nations Day every year?
2.        Against which team did Virender Sehwag make his one day international debt?
3.        Which gas do not considered as polluting agent of air ?
4.        Which connects the ocean floor level with the continental level ?
5.        In the Mughal administration, by whom was military recruitment being looked after?
6.        How can the States in India borrow from the market?
7.        What does the rise of mercury in a barometer indicate?
8.        What is One of the main factors that led to rapid expansion of Indian exports?
9.        Which are the longest inland waterways in the world?
10.      Which was the king generally considered being the greatest ruler of Kashmir in the 15th century?
11.      The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 at which place?
12.      Which Scientist first explained about circulatory system?
13.      How many States are required to ratify certain Amendments to the Constitution?
14.      Which state has smallest land area?
15.      Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
16.      Which compound caused tragedy of Bhopal in 1984?
17.      With which game is the Double Fault associated?
18.      How is the difference between visible exports and visible imports defined?
19.      Which are the two volcanic islands in the Indian territory?
20.      Who translated Ramayana into Persian?
1.        24th October 2. Pakistan 3. CO2 4. Continental slope 5. Bakshi 6. Only with the consent of the Centre 7. Fair weather 8. Liberalisation of the economy 9. Mississippi river system 10. Zain-ul-Abidin 11. Hamilton (Canade) 12. William Harvey 13. Not less than half the number 14. Goa 15. Jehangir 16. Methyl isocynate 17. Football 18. Balance of trade 19. Narcondam and Barren 20. Badaurii
Page - 95

1.        Which groups of items contains only biodegradable items?
2.        Which post does the Constitution of India not mention?
3.        If the Kinetic Energy of a body is increased by 300%, how much will its momentum increase?
4.        In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located?
5.        Raja Rammohan Roy and David Hare were associated with the foundation of which college?
6.        Machael Ferrrera is associated with which game?
7.        The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930. Which country hosted the games?
8.        The concept of ‘carbon credit’ originated from which protocol?
9.        Which hill range that separates the state of Manipur from the state of Nagaland?
10.      Who was the founder of the Radha Swami Satsang ?
11.      The Ninth Schedule was added by which Amendment?
12.      In which processes light energy is converted into chemical energy?
13.      Which case does stagflation imply?
14.      Where are the wet hill forest found in?
15.      Ancient Monuments Preservation Act was passed during which Viceroyalty?
16.      Which House is better placed with regard to control over the executive?
17.      What does a permanent magnet repel?
18.      If the price of an inferior good falls, what about its demand?
19.      At which place will you find maximum sunlight in india December?
20.      What are the birth and death years of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar?
1.        Wood, Grass, Leather 2. The Deputy Prime Minister3. 100% 4. Rajasthan 5. Hindu College 6. Snooker 7. Canada 8. Kyoto Protocol 9. Barailhills 10. Siva Dayal Saheb 11. First 12. Photosynthesis 13. Recession plus inflation 14. Nilgiris 15. Curzon 16. Lok Sabha 17. Diamagnetic substances only 18. Remains constant 19. Kanyakumari 20. 1891, 1956
Page - 96

1.        Which cup/trophy is associated with football?
2.        What is the main cause of extinction of species from tropics?
3.        In which year did the Congress loose its monopoly of power in the States for the first time after the elections?
4.        Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?
5.        Which revolutionary leaders’ organized an attack on the armory of Chittagong ?
6.        What is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust?
7.        Who received the Nobel Prize twice in different subjects?
8.        Which formulates fiscal policy?
9.        Which is the first National Park established in India?
10.      By whom was General Dyer who was responsible for Jallianwala Bagh massacre was shot dead?
11.      What is a physical basis of life?
12.      Who is responsible for the registration of voters?
13.      A fan produces a feeling of comfort during hot weather, Why?
14.      Which state has the highest amount of Nickel Ore resources ?
15.      Megasthenes was an envoy of which king?
16.      What is the name of India’s highest award which is given to a civilian?
17.      In which year did India first take part in the Olympic Games?
18.      In which cell organelle do photo and thermochemical reactions occur in different sites ?
19.      In which district, have large reserves of diamond-bearing kimberlite been discovered in the recent past?
20.      Who in ancient India assumed the title Amitraghata?
1.        Santosh Trophy 2. Deforestation 3. 1967 4. Corbett 5. Surya Sen 6. Silicon 7. Madam Curie 8. Finance Ministry 9. Corbett National Park 10. Udham Singh 11. Protoplasm 12. Election Commission 13. Our perspiration evaporates rapidly 14. Orissa 15. Seleucus 16. Bharat Ratna 17. 1920 18. Chloroplasts 19. Raipur 20. Bindusar
Page - 97

1.        Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution?
2.        Which compound is used as an antichlor?
3.        In which activity percentage share of cooperative sector is the highest?
4.        Which is the strait connecting Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal?
5.        Which Mauryan ruler did conquer the Deccan?
6.        Famous GOLF player Vijay Singh is from which country?
7.        Which is an insectivorous plant?
8.        Who was the Chairman’of the Union Constitution Committee of the Constituent Assembly?
9.        Which Strait which separates Asia from North America?
10.      In the kingdom of Satavahanas of ancient India, what was a district called?
11.      Why are the gas thermometers is more sensitive than the liquid thermometer?
12.      The term ‘double fault’ is associated with which game?
13.      In India, which is regulated by the forward Markets Commission?
14.      The daily and annual range of temperature is maximum in which area?
15.      Which was the South Indian state famous for its naval power?
16.      Which is the Indian scientist whose name is associated with the measurement of growth in plants?
17.      How many members of the Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President of India?
18.      Which chemical used as‘fixer’in photography?
19.      Which endangered Ridley turtles have the world’s largest aggregation?
20.      The Bahmanis of the Deccan rose to prominence in which century?
1.        Jawaharlal Nehru 2. Na2S2O3 3. Sugar production 4. Palk Strait 5. Bindusara 6. Fiji 7. Nepenthes 8. Jawaharlal Nehru 9. The Bering strait 10. Ahara 11. Expand more than liquids 12. Tennis 13. Commodities Futures Trading 14. Savanna grassland 15. Cholas 16. J.C. Bose 17. 12 18. Sodium thiosulphate 19. Gahirmatha 20. 14th century
Page - 98

1.        Who is called the Flying Sikh of India?
2.        Who is known as the ‘saint of the gutters’?
3.        Which crop enriches the soil with nitrogen?
4.        Which rock system has the maximum concentration of minerals?
5.        Which Governor General is associated with Doctrine of Lapse?
6.        How much the time gap between two sessions of the Parliament should not exceed?
7.        Which is the correct device for the detection of thermal radiation?
8.        A crossed cheque is one, which can be encased only at which bank?
9.        Which state is the larger producer of lignite coal?
10.      Which Sikh Guru helped the rebel prince Khusro with money and blessings?
11.      Who is the first person to set foot on Moon?
12.      Wood used in making cricking cricket bats, from which is got?
13.      By whom are the Chairman and members of State Public Service Commission appointed?
14.      What is the time required by moonlight to reach the earth?
15.      Which presents the most significant feature of Indus Valley Civilization?
16.      Which metal has the highest density?
17.      What is an organization’s introductory web page?
18.      What do Quantitative credit controls not include?
19.      From where do the strongest evidence that comets are members of our solar system come?
20.      Of which thing were the Indus Valley houses built?
1.        Milkha Singh 2. Mother Teresa 3. Pea 4. Dharwar system 5. Lord Dalhousie 6. 6 months 7. Thermopile 8. State Bank of India 9. Tamil Nadu 10. Guru Arjun Dev 11. Neil Armstrong 12. Salix alba / S Purpurea 13. President 14. 1.3 sec 15. Burnt brick buildings 16. Platinum 17. Vortal 18. RBI directives 19. Their composition 20. Bricks
Page - 99

1.        The pressure at the bottom of a liquid tank does not depend on which area?
2.        ‘Chinaman’ refers to which game?
3.        In human body, into which does the pancreas secretes its enzymes?
4.        What does increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere cause?
5.        What is Apabhramsa?
6.        Which language is not recognized in the 8th Schedule though it is an official language of a State?
7.        With the rise of temperature, what will be the surface tension of a liquid?
8.        Who was the first woman minister of a state?
9.        In the Southern hemisphere the Westerlies blow from which side?
10.      In which reign was the first Buddhist Council held?
11.      Among the remedies of inflation, what can we include?
12.      Which compound is used in anti-malarial drug?
13.      A Judge of the Supreme Court of India is to hold office until he attains the age of how many years?
14.      Which country celebrates Christmas festival in summer season?
15.      Which ruler of India who ruled over territories in Central Asia beyond the Pamirs?
16.      What does Soda water contain?
17.      Who was the architect of North and South Blocks of Central Secretariat in Delhi?
18.      Next to Hindi, which is the language spoken by the largest number of people in the Indian sub-continent?
19.      In which season is the frequency of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal maximum?
20.      By whom was Saka era founded?
1.        Area of the liquid surface 2. Cricket 3. Duodenum 4. Rise in earth temperature 5. A work of the Jains 6. English 7. Decreases 8. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur 9. North west 10. Ajatashatru 11. Lowering bank rate 12. Chloroquin 13. 65 years 14. Australia 15. Kanishka 16. Carbon dioxide 17. Sir Edward Lutyens 18. Bengali 19. After summer 20. Kanishka
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