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We have given below various DSSB Previous Year Question Papers like PRT, TGT, PGT, DASS Grade IV, DASS Grade II, LDC, Stenographer, Librarian, Assistant Superintendent, AE, JE, Driver, Forest Guard, Craft Instructor, Special Education Teacher, ANM, Staff Nurse, Assistant Teacher Nursery, Lab Technician, Store Keeper, Jail Warder, Matron, Architect, Pharmacist, AO, Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI), Fire Operator, PRT Urdu, Welfare Officer, etc.


DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021: Your Ultimate Guide

In today's competitive world, preparing for government job exams requires more than just hard work and dedication; it demands a strategic approach. One invaluable resource that can aid you in your preparation is the DSSSB (Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board) Previous Year Question Papers for 2021. These papers provide insight into the exam pattern, question types, and difficulty levels, giving you a significant advantage. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the importance of DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers for 2021, how to access them, and tips on effectively utilizing them in your preparation.


Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board: Question Papers | Key Topics

·        Recruitment

·        Syllabus

·        Exam Pattern

·        Model Papers

·        Answer Key

·        Admit Card

·        Result

·        Vacancies

·        Post-wise Papers

·        Tier 1 Exam

·        Tier 2 Exam

·        Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

·        General Awareness

·        Numerical Ability

·        Reasoning Ability

·        English Language

·        Subject-specific Papers

·        Mock Tests

·        Practice Papers

·        Exam Date

·        Cut-off Marks

·        Merit List

·        Selection Process

·        Previous Year Question Papers PDF

·        Study Material

·        Preparation Tips


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Table of Contents




·        Understanding the DSSSB Exam

·        Why Are Previous Year Question Papers Important?

·        How to Access DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021

·        Benefits of Solving Previous Year Papers

·        Tips for Effective Utilization

·        Time Management

·        Subject-Wise Preparation

·        Mock Tests and Self-Assessment

·        Staying Updated

·        Consistency is Key

·        Conclusion

·        FAQs



The Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board (DSSSB) conducts various recruitment exams every year, providing numerous opportunities for candidates to secure government jobs in Delhi. However, cracking these exams requires meticulous preparation, and DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers for 2021 can be your secret weapon.


Understanding the DSSSB Exam

Before we dive into the importance of previous year papers, let's have a brief overview of the DSSSB exam. DSSSB conducts exams for different posts, including TGT, PGT, Junior Engineer, LDC, Stenographer, and more. The exam pattern typically includes sections on General Awareness, General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability, Arithmetical & Numerical Ability, and Language Skills. Understanding this pattern is crucial for effective preparation.


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Why Are Previous Year Question Papers Important?


Unveiling the Benefits

DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers serve as a treasure trove of knowledge for aspirants. Here's why they are essential:


Understanding the Exam Pattern: By reviewing previous year papers, you gain insight into the exam's structure, including the distribution of marks and question types.


Predicting Trends: These papers help you identify recurring topics and frequently asked questions, allowing you to prioritize your preparation.


Assessing Difficulty Levels: You can gauge the difficulty level of questions and tailor your study plan accordingly.


Time Management: Practicing with these papers helps you learn time management, which is crucial during the actual exam.


How to Access DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021?

Accessing DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers for 2021 is easier than you might think. Follow these steps to get started:


Visit the Official DSSSB Website: Go to the official DSSSB website (https://dsssb.delhi.gov.in/).


Navigate to 'Previous Year Papers': Look for a section or tab that provides access to previous year question papers.


Select Your Exam Category: Choose the category or post for which you want the question papers.


Download or View: You can download the papers in PDF format or view them online.


Benefits of Solving Previous Year Papers

Solving DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers offers several advantages that can significantly enhance your preparation:


Familiarity with Exam Pattern: You become comfortable with the format and structure of the exam.


Improved Speed and Accuracy: Regular practice improves your speed and accuracy in answering questions.


Identifying Weaknesses: You can pinpoint areas where you need more practice and focus your efforts accordingly.


Boosting Confidence: Solving previous year papers boosts your confidence, reducing exam-related anxiety.


Tips for Effective Utilization

Now that you understand the importance of previous year papers let's explore some tips for using them effectively in your preparation.


Time Management

Effective time management is crucial. Allocate specific time slots to solve these papers regularly, and track your progress.


Subject-Wise Preparation

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. Prioritize subjects where you need more improvement.


Mock Tests and Self-Assessment

Simulate exam conditions by taking mock tests. Self-assessment helps you gauge your readiness.


Staying Updated

Stay updated with the latest exam trends and changes in the syllabus.


Consistency is Key

Consistency in solving previous year papers will yield better results than sporadic efforts.


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DSSSB Exam: Previous Year Papers


The following are some of the best key topics from the DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021:

·        Quantitative Aptitude: Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Simple and Compound Interest, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics

·        Reasoning Ability: Analogy, Coding-Decoding, Logical Reasoning, Puzzle, Sequence and Series, Venn Diagram

·        General English: Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms, Fill in the Blanks

·        General Knowledge: Current Affairs, History, Geography, Polity, Science, Economics



If you are preparing for the DSSSB TGT Hindi exam, you should focus on keywords related to Hindi grammar, literature, and culture. Similarly, if you are preparing for the DSSSB PGT Mathematics exam, you should focus on keywords related to advanced mathematics topics.


Here are some specific key topics from the DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021 for different exams:

·        DSSSB TGT Hindi: Hindi grammar, Hindi literature, Hindi culture, Hindi poetry, Hindi prose, Hindi plays, Hindi novels, Hindi short stories, Hindi essays

·        DSSSB PGT Mathematics: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, probability, statistics, differential equations, numerical analysis

·        DSSSB PRT: Child development, educational psychology, teaching methods, primary education, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation

·        DSSSB Assistant Engineer: Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science engineering


Here are some of the key topics from the DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers 2021:

Quantitative Aptitude:

·        Ratio and Proportion

·        Percentage

·        Profit and Loss

·        Time and Work

·        Simple and Compound Interest

·        Algebra

·        Geometry

·        Trigonometry

·        Statistics


Reasoning Ability:

·        Analogy

·        Coding-Decoding

·        Logical Reasoning

·        Puzzle

·        Sequence and Series

·        Venn Diagram


General English:

·        Comprehension

·        Grammar

·        Vocabulary

·        Synonyms

·        Antonyms

·        Fill in the Blanks


General Knowledge:

·        Current Affairs

·        History

·        Geography

·        Polity

·        Science

·        Economics


DSSSB Question Bank Online Exam 2021


19th Apr 21_S 1

19th Apr 21_S 2

19th Apr 21_S 3

20th Apr 21_S 1

20th Apr 21_S 2

20th Apr 21_S 3

22nd Apr 21_S 1

22nd Apr 21_S 2

22nd Apr 21_S 3_I

22nd Apr 21_S 3_II

23rd Apr 21_S 1

23rd Apr 21_S 2_I

23rd Apr 21_S 2_II

23rd Apr 21_S 3

English Female 30 June Shift 1

English Female 30 June Shift 2

History Female 28 June Shift 1

PGT Com1

PGT Phy1

PGT Solgy F 25 June S 1

PGT Solgym 25 June S 1

Physical Education Female

Physical Education Male

26 July 2021 Architecture

Beauty 26 July 2021Shift

Chemistry Female 18 July Shift 1

Chemistry Male 18 July Shift 1

Domestic Science Teacher 26 July Shift 1

Engineering Drawing 30 July Shift 2

English Male 23 July Shift1

EVGC Female 30 July Shift 1

EVGC Male 30 July Shift1

Hindi Female 03 July Shift 1 New

Hindi Female 03 July Shift 2

Hindi Female 04 July Shift 1 Unique 1

Hindi Male 18 July Shift 2

History Male10 July Shift 2

Home Science 30 July 2021 Shift 2


PGT Computer Science -Female

PGT Computer Science -Male

PGT Economics- Female

PGT Economics- Male

PGT Geography- Female

PGT Geography-Male

PGT MAths Male

PGT Music 31 July Shift 1 New

PGT Punjabi - Female

PGT Sanskrit 16 July 2021 Shift 2

PGT Sanskrit Female 31 July 2021

PGT Graphics 29 July 2021 Shift 1

PGT MF 10 Jul S 1

PGT Polscim 4 Jul S 2

PGT Urdu 31 Aug S 1

Unique 3 Pfaf 17 Jul S 1

Unique 3 Pfam17 Jul S 1

Unique 3 PGT 29 Jul S 1

Unique 3 PGT 29 Jul S 2

Unique 3 PGT 29 Jul S 2 pdf

Unique 3 PGT Agri 31 Jul S 2

Unique 3 PGT Biof 16 Jul S 1

Unique 3 PGT Biom16 Jul S 1

Unique 3 PGT Polscf 22 Jul S 1

Unique 3 PGT Polscf 22 Jul S 2

Unique 3 Phym 23 Jul S 2

28 Aug S 1 Rocket 1 Biology

28 Aug S 2 Rocket 1 Physics

Care Taker

Commercial Art 14 August Shift 2

Digital Electronics

Garment Fabrication Technology

Junior Assistant 1

Junior Assistant 2

Junior Assistant 3

Junior Assistant 4

Junior Assistant 5

Junior Assistant 6

Junior Assistant 7

Junior Assistant 8





Medical Lab Technology

Physical Education Teacher PET 2

Physical Education Teacher PET

Physical Education Teacher PET3

Technical Assistant Fashion Design

Technical Assistant Library Science

Technical Assistant Pharmacy

Technical Assistant

TGT Computer Science1

TGT Computer Science2

TGT Computer Science3

TGT Computer Science4

TGT Computer Science5

TGT Special Education Teacher 08 August 2021 Shift 2

2nd Sep 21_S 1

2nd Sep 21_S 2

2nd Sep 21_S 3

4th Sep 21_S 1

4th Sep 21_S 2

4th Sep 21_S 3

5th Sep 21_S 1_I

5th Sep 21_S 1_II

5th Sep 21_S 1_III

5th Sep 21_S 2_I

5th Sep 21_S 2_II

5th Sep 21_S 3

6th Sep 21_S 1

6th Sep 21_S 2

6th Sep 21_S 3

7th Sep 21_S 1

7th Sep 21_S 2

7th Sep 21_S 3

8th Sep 21_S 1

8th Sep 21_S 2_I

8th Sep 21_S 2_II

8th Sep 21_S 2_III

8th Sep 21_S 3_I

8th Sep 21_S 3_II

8thSep21_S 3_III

10th Sep 21_S 1

10th Sep 21_S 2

10th Sep 21_S 3

11th Sep 21_S 3_I

11th Sep 21_S 3_II

13th Sep 21_S 1_I

13th Sep 21_S 1_II

13th Sep 21_S 2_I

13th Sep 21_S 2_II

13th Sep 21_S 3

14th Sep 21_S 1

14th Sep 21_S 2

14th Sep 21_S 3

18th Sep 21_S 1_I

18th Sep 21_S 1_II

18th Sep 21_S 2_I

18th Sep 21_S 2_II

18th Sep 21_S 3

25th Sep 21_S 1_I

25th Sep 21_S 1_II

25th Sep 21_S 2_I

25th Sep 21_S 2_II

25th Sep 21_S 3_I

25th Sep 21_S 3_II

26th Sep 21_S 1_I

26th Sep 21_S 1_II

26th Sep 21_S 2_I

26th Sep 21_S 2_II

26th Sep 21_S 3

27th Sep 21_S 1

27th Sep 21_S 2_I

27th Sep 21_S 2_II

27th Sep 21_S 3_I

27th Sep 21_S 3_II

1st Oct 21_iS 2

1st Oct 21_iS 3

1st Oct 21_S 1

1st Oct 21_S 2

1st Oct 21_S 3

9th Oct 21_iS 1

9th Oct 21_iS 3

9th Oct 21_S 1

9th Oct 21_S 2

9th Oct 21_S 3

10th Oct 21_iS 1

10th Oct 21_S 1

16th Oct 21_iS 1

16th Oct 21_iS 2

16th Oct 21_S 1

16th Oct 21_S 2

16th Oct 21_S 3

17th Oct 21_iS 1

17th Oct 21_iS 2

17th Oct 21_S 1

17th Oct 21_S 2

17th Oct 21_S 3

21st Oct 21_iS 1

21st Oct 21_iS 2

21st Oct 21_S 1

21st Oct 21_S 2

23rd Oct 21_iS 2

23rd Oct 21_iS 3

23rd Oct 21_S 1

23rd Oct 21_S 2

23rd Oct 21_S 3

24th Oct 21_S 1

24th Oct 21_S 2

24th Oct 21_S 3

9th Nov 21_S 1

9th Nov 21_S 2

9th Nov 21_S 3

11th Nov 21_S 1

11th Nov 21_S 2

11th Nov 21_S 3

12th Nov 21_S 1

12th Nov 21_S 2

12th Nov 21_S 3

13th Nov 21_S 1

13th Nov 21_S 2

13th Nov 21_S 3

15th Nov 21_S 1

15th Nov 21_S 2

15thNov 21_S 3

16th Nov 21_S 1

16th Nov 21_S 2

16th Nov 21_S 3

16th Nov I21_S 1

16th Nov I21_S 2

17thNov 21_S 1

17th Nov 21_S 2

17th Nov 21_S 3

17th Nov 21I_S 3

18th Nov 21_S 1

18th Nov 21_S 2

18th Nov 21_S 3

18th Nov 21I_S 2

18th Nov 21I_S 3

22nd Nov 21_S 1

22nd Nov 21_S 2

22nd Nov 21_S 3

22nd Nov 21I_S 2

22nd Nov 21I_S 3

24th Nov 21_S 1

24th Nov 21_S 2

24th Nov 21_S 3

24th Nov 21I_S 1

24th Nov 21I_S 2

24th Nov 21I_S 3

25th Nov 21_S 1

25th Nov 21_S 2

25th Nov 21_S 3

25th Nov 21I_S 1

26th Nov 21_S 1

26th Nov 21_S 2

26th Nov 21_S 3

26th Nov 21I_S 2

27th Nov 21_S 1

29th Nov 21_S 1

29th Nov 21_S 2

29th Nov 21_S 3

29th Nov 21I_S 3

30th Nov 21_S 1

30th Nov 21_S 2

30th Nov 21_S 3

DSSSB Previous Year Question Paper for PGT, TGT, PRT & more Download PDF


In conclusion, DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers for 2021 are invaluable assets for aspirants preparing for government job exams in Delhi. They provide essential insights, improve your preparation, and boost your confidence. By following the tips mentioned here and consistently practicing with these papers, you can significantly enhance your chances of success.



Where can I find DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers online?

You can find DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers on the official DSSSB website (https://dsssb.delhi.gov.in/).

How often should I solve previous year papers?

Aim to solve previous year papers at least once a week to maintain consistency in your preparation.

Are DSSSB Previous Year Question Papers available for all posts and categories?

Yes, DSSSB provides question papers for various posts and categories on their official website.

Can I solely rely on previous year papers for DSSSB exam preparation?

While previous year papers are essential, it's advisable to complement them with a well-rounded study plan, including reference books and mock tests.

Is the DSSSB exam pattern the same every year?

The exam pattern may undergo slight changes, so it's essential to stay updated by regularly checking the official DSSSB website for announcements.



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